About the artist



What would you like to do if you sell your painting?

If I sell my painting, I want to use the money to pay for my education to gain the knowledge I need to become a professional artist working at Mago Gallery, and to make Mago Gallery a great gallery.

Dream for the future

My dream is to become one of the best professional artists in Mago Gallery in Ghana.

Message to the people of Japan

First of all, I would like to thank my boss, Mr. Mago Nagasaka, for bringing great ideas (open gallery, recycling, e-waste beach cleaner, etc.) to the people of Ghana. The people of Ghana and I as a Ghanaian are really grateful for the great things he has done for us. And I would also like to thank the people of Japan for their interest and support in our art. The people of Japan have supported us so much so far. Many of our members are participating in the project to fulfill their dreams for the future and to support their wonderful families. To that end, we need your continued support. To the people of Japan and the management team of Mr. Mago Nagasaka, we look forward to your continued support.

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