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シリーズ 代表画像


The turning point in my life was when I saw a photo of a child standing alone in front of a garbage pile in a business magazine.
There are many graveyards in developing countries for electronic devices dumped by developed countries such as Japan, and Agbogbloshie in Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa, which MAGO visited, was one of them.
Although slum dwellers sell metals obtained by burning electronic waste and earn wages of around 500 yen a day, many die at a young age due to the poisonous substances contained in the waste. It is said that.
MAGO visited the area for the first time in June 2017 and was deeply shocked by the endless wasteland he saw in a slum area the size of more than 30 Tokyo Domes, and decided to use the power of art to convey this truth to developed countries. Make a decision.
Local trash such as game console controllers, TV remote controls, and computer mice and keyboards are pasted onto canvases and oil paintings are applied to them.
We started production of the "Ghana" series with the aim of building a recycling factory in "the world's worst electronics graveyard."

シリーズ 代表画像


MAGO went to the scene immediately after the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015.
At the same time, he felt intense sadness and fear at the tragedy, and at the same time was disappointed in the works he had created that expressed his opposition to war, and was unable to pursue any creative activities.

One night in Paris, when he suddenly looked up and saw the full moon floating in the dark night, MAGO felt his heart become calm. "If I can deliver moments like this to people, I hope that each person's heart will be at peace." I believe that this will eventually encompass the world and bring about peace.
In this way, the "Moon" series was born, embodying the wish for "world peace.""

The butterflies depicted act as if they were dreaming, and as the word "butterfly effect" (chaos theory states that the flapping of a butterfly's wings could cause a tornado on the other side of the world), the butterflies act as if they were dreaming, and eventually It depicts MAGO's own image, wishing for the creation of a vortex of peace.

The works in the "Moon" series are painted on local Echizen washi paper from Fukui, layered with ink, gold and silver mud, and crystals.

シリーズ 代表画像


In July 2021, news broke that “Agbogbloshie has disappeared due to a cleanup project.”
MAGO, who had lost the opportunity to visit Ghana due to the coronavirus pandemic, wondered if there was a way to provide new jobs to the unemployed workers at the kilns, and came up with the idea of developing an oxygen production business = agriculture.
We thought that if we purchased a large tract of land in Ghana and created a new village with people who wanted to farm in the slums, we could create a sustainable virtuous cycle by creating products based on olives, moringa, etc.

In August 2021, he visited Shodoshima to study olive cultivation.

The calm and beautiful sea of Seta Inland Sea was beautiful, but when I suddenly looked at my feet, there were many pieces of plastic and sea glass.
"There is a lot of dumped garbage both in Ghana and on the beautiful islands of Japan.We live on the same planet, and this planet is connected as one", MAGO realized with its own eyes. The fairies and creatures that live on Shodoshima will be expressed through art using discarded materials.

シリーズ 代表画像

new world

In 2020, our lives suddenly changed completely due to the spread of new coronavirus infections that occurred simultaneously all over the world.
We were forced to abandon old concepts and develop new ideas.
We will deliver a future forecast that incorporates a new conceptual idea called "New Normal" and a new social idea.

シリーズ 代表画像


MAGO teaches painting to people who want to become artists in slums, sells their works in developed countries, and works on the "Superstars Project", which pays 10% of the sales to the artists themselves.
All of these are powerful works drawn by future superstars, and the rewards strongly support their lives.

シリーズ 代表画像


Other artworks.

シリーズ 代表画像



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