MAGO CREATION Co., Ltd. begins investing US$1 million in a Ghanaian group company, MAGO MOTORS Ltd. Aiming to further expand business in Ghana.

MAGO CREATION株式会社、ガーナのグループ会社MAGO MOTORS Ltd.に100万米ドルの事業出資を開始。ガーナ現地の更なる事業拡大を目指す。

MAGO CREATION Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: NAGASAKA MAGO, hereinafter referred to as MAGO CREATION) uses its own capital to invest in MAGO MOTORS Ltd. (Head office), a Ghanaian group company that operates EV business, recycling business, and agricultural business. : Accra, Ghana, Director: Nagasaka Mago) has decided to make a total business investment of $1 million.

As of October 2023, we have completed remittance of $100,000 (approximately 15 million yen at the time), and we will continue to make investments in stages.
With this investment, we will start a new business that sells solar panels and used iPhones exported from Japan. In addition, in the EV business that we are promoting as an existing business, we aim to establish an electric mobility assembly factory and sales store, as well as install EV charging equipment in Ghana. In the recycling business, we will introduce a heat press machine to process waste plastic, and in the agricultural business, we will introduce dryers and crushers to process moringa after harvesting. Through these business expansions, we will promote employment growth in Ghana and work to quickly realize the goal of CEO Nagasaka, which is to employ 10,000 people in Ghana by 2030.

●Background of business investment If a Ghanaian company established with foreign capital engages in import business, etc., a business investment of 1 million US dollars or more is required. In addition to updating existing businesses, we will invest in a new business that we plan to develop in the future: importing and selling solar panels/used iPhones.

● Timing of business investment
We plan to complete the $1 million business investment by June 2024.

●Future outlook Through this investment, we plan to promote business expansion in three areas.

[Recycling business]
①We aim to manufacture and sell building materials made from 100% E-waste.
②We aim to reduce waste by introducing the Duster4D, a machine that makes charcoal by steaming organic materials such as e-waste and plastic waste at high temperatures. The charcoal is planned to be used as aggregate when making mortar and concrete.
③We aim to commercialize copper wire sales and improve the environment by utilizing technology that allows us to recover high-quality copper wire without burning the fields.
④ Although demand is low in developed countries, we will open a store in Ghana that imports and sells used iPhones that can still be used. In the future, we will also collect electronic devices sold at the store, aiming to reduce e-waste.

[Agricultural business]
① We will establish a poultry farm in Ghana and aim to provide safe and secure eggs and chicken.
② We will expand our contracted farm from 3 acres to 10 acres and aim to increase production of agricultural products centered on moringa.

[EV/Energy business]
① We will construct an electric bus assembly factory and aim to implement the first electric bus in Ghana.
②We will import and sell solar panels and storage batteries in Ghana, which still lacks electricity infrastructure, with the aim of improving living standards in Ghana through a stable power supply.

■About NAGASAKA MAGO ( Click here for details )
Representative director and artist of MAGO CREATION Co., Ltd.
Representative director of MAGO MOTORS JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Born in 1984. In 2009, after wandering the world as a street painter, in 2017 he headed to Agbokblosi, a slum in Ghana known as one of the world's largest graveyards for electronic devices. Since then, he has created works using waste to improve human rights and environmental issues in the slums, and with the funds generated from the sales, he has developed an art gallery, recycling factory, organic farm, and EV business in the area. We advocate ``sustainable capitalism,'' a new capitalist system in which the three axes of economy, culture, and environment are in a virtuous cycle, and aim to create jobs for 10,000 Ghanaians by 2030. He continues to work tirelessly every day to transform slums into sustainable towns.

In 2022, he will hold his first museum solo exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum. Received the 51st Best Dresser Award (academic/cultural category). Established MAGO MOTORS LTD in Ghana, currently creating employment for 38 Ghanaians. (as of July 2023)

■About MAGO MOTORS Ltd.Agbogblosi, a slum in Ghana, is said to be "the world's largest electronic device graveyard." Established in August 2022 to solve environmental and poverty issues in this area through business. We will realize a clean working environment that does not threaten the health of people in slums and a salary system that guarantees an average standard of living, solve their environmental and poverty problems, and ultimately eliminate slums and transform them into eco-towns. We are developing our business with a purpose.
Address: 11 Nmaamonaa Road, Dansoman, Accra

Date of establishment: August 12, 2022 Representative: Nagasaka Mago (Representative Director of MAGO CREATION Co., Ltd.*)
*MAGO MOTORS Ltd. is a group company of MAGO CREATION Co., Ltd.

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