The “Middle Jellyfish Umitsuki Project” has started at the Osaka/Kansai Expo!

大阪・関西万博における「ミドルクラゲ 海月(うみつき)プロジェクト」を始動!

The pavilion of the theme project "Enhancing Life" at the Osaka/Kansai Expo to be held in 2025 is the "Playground of Life Jellyfish Museum." Sachiko Nakajima, who is a musician, mathematics researcher, and STEAM educator, serves as the producer with the aim of "democratizing creativity." Jellyfish symbolize creativity, life, and "swaying play" for them, so a large jellyfish will be hung on the roof of the jellyfish pavilion, and a middle jellyfish will be suspended inside the jellyfish pavilion. This time, as one of the middle jellyfish, producer Nakajima collaborated with Mr. NAGASAKA MAGO, an artist who created the "Moon Tower" using garbage from plastic bottles, in collaboration with people in the slums of Ghana. We will create a new giant garbage art piece with the moon as its motif. The production process itself is collaborative, connecting various parts of the country, Ghana, Cambodia, etc., and collecting garbage from plastic bottles to create a large middle jellyfish called "Umitsuki." During the process, children and citizens will work together to think about the world's various garbage issues, and we plan to use the Expo as an opportunity to create organic connections between the world.

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