Appeared on NHK's "Soichiro Asano: Find the hidden value." Broadcast on August 8, 2023

NHK「浅野総一郎 眠っている価値を見つけ出せ」に出演しました。 2023年8月8日放送

Soichiro Asano was a businessman whom Eiichi Shibusawa, the father of the modern Japanese economy, admired, calling him "uninhibited, cheerful, and pleasant." He later laid the foundation for the Keihin Industrial Zone, but his life started with a series of failures no matter what he tried. He was called "Sosichiro" and moved to Tokyo on a night out. However, life took a turn from there. Demonstrating his business acumen, he made a fortune in the cement business without backing down from dealing with conglomerates. A closer look at Asano's wisdom. Cast: Shingo Nagasaka (artist) Sakura Inoue (talent) Akira Okada (special guest professor at Osaka University of Economics)

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