Hankyu Umeda Main Store will be holding "Mago Nagasaka Exhibition Still A Black Star". 2022/10/19 (Wed) ~ 11/14 (Mon)

阪急うめだ本店「長坂真護展 Still A Black Star」を開催します。2022/10/19(水)〜11/14(月)

Agbogbloshie, a slum in Ghana, is said to be one of the world's largest graveyards for electronic devices. Shingo Nagasaka advocates "sustainable capitalism" and continues his activities to create art works using waste collected in slums and return the proceeds to the local people. ing. In this exhibition, we will display and sell a variety of works that express our wishes for world peace, with a focus on works from Ghana, the origin of our activities. We will also be selling works drawn by future artists from the slums, as well as goods that can be purchased to support Shingo Nagasaka's activities.


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